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Coronavirus Update, March 23, 2020:

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, we are working from home and have closed our office to visitors (not like we get a lot of visitors anyway(but you should visit, it’s really a nice place(but wait until the outbreak has settled down))).  However, we are still very much open for business and ready to help you keep your Nelson Bros optimizers running. Heck, we even started a new system up this month without even sending a technician, which is a testament to the simplicity of our systems, but more so a testament to the capability of the crew at the sawmill.


As a company we are being very modern and using Zoom to meet every morning to complain about the condition of the coffee machine.  Social distancing has really not been much of an issue for most of us since we have been practicing it most of our lives, but I am missing the daily interaction with the Nelson Bros team as we rally around the common enemy of the coffee machine.  Meeting online has helped a bit, but I look forward to being on the other side of this thing. 


We are enjoying the extra time that we are spending at home.  Rod is running an online 3d design workshop with his grandkids. Dennis is going for daily hikes with his daughter Clara up the mountain behind their house. Mike is keeping a close watch on his latest batch of beer, and his dog Jack is getting extra lap time.  Jason appears to be going the physical fitness route and putting in time on the elliptical machine.  Tony is playing a lot of banjos and facilitating social distance friendly jam sessions. Janet (our newest team member) has her boy home from college for the rest of the year. And Erin and I are getting all kind of stuff done around the house while the kids pretend they are doing school work while they watch Tiktok videos. 


So, Nelson Bros is still in business, still providing free telephone and online support, and still having fun.  I hope that all of our friends and customers are staying healthy and happy.



                                                                Jeff Nelson



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