Pacific Industrial Controls

Terrebonne, Oregon  (541)-923-4310

Pacific Industrial Controls was started by Jeff Ralph in 1994.  Jeff also worked for several major vendors and when given the opportunity, believed he could do a better job on his own.  Jeff has done the PLC controls on all the sawmill projects done by NBE.  He has also done PLC controls for sorters, trimmer, manual edgers and twin bands.

PIC is a UL certified shop that builds their own panels.  Customers will appreciate dealing with someone who sells it, designs it, builds it and starts it.  There are NO EXCUSES when you do it all yourself.

While other vendors try to force you into Allen/Bradley, Jeff understands the cost and agony of changing PLC vendors.  PIC has done A/B, TI, Modicon, GE and Seimens PLCs.

Jeff could possibly be the World Best PLC Programmer.


Pacific Industrial Controls is located in suburbs of Terrebonne, Oregon.  While lounging in his office, Jeff Ralph can look across their ranch at the majestic Smith Rocks.  The tranquility is sometimes broken by the whining of electric tools as Jamie Ralph assembles panels in the hot, windowless bay of the fabrication facility.

Jamie doing the real work

The new startup man is getting an 'attitude'

Occasionally you can catch Jeff in the field.  Here he is instructing a millwright to move a pressroll upstream, instead of changing the timing in the PLC:

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