Nelson Bros. Engineering 10th Anniversary

In the last 10 years NBE has installed over 25 board edger optimizers, 6 cant optimizers, 5 log optimizers and 2 trimmer optimizers.  Our scanner/optimizer upgrades to the Kockums and Ahlstrom lineally scanned board edgers convinced us that lineally scanned systems were much better than a transverse scanned systems with positioning tables.  In 1996 we were instrumental in the introduction of belt scanned lineal systems for both board and gang edgers and now belt scanning is preferred on new systems.

NBE developed their first line laser profile scanner for the railroad industry in 1992.  Since then the scanners have evolved to swappable scan heads with an Ethernet interface.  The scan head incorporates a PC/104 industrial computer that can be configured as a normal lineal scanner for an optimizer or as a standalone scanner for QC and verification systems.  Normally NBE does not advocate custom electronics, but making our own scan heads helps keep the price of lineal scanner/optimizer systems below $100K.

NBE has avoided the standard sawmill equipment vendor growth cycle.  Normally, companies start by doing something very well, then they grow and combine until they do nothing very well, then they disappear.  At NBE we stay focused on a few systems, strive for simplicity and associate with the best startup people.

At NBE we call it the Independent Associates Business Model.  We originally called it “the collaboration of highly motivated programmers, designers and engineers with many years of sawmill experience, that got tired or working for big companies and decided they could do better on their own”, but that did not fit on a business card.  What ever you call our organization, we are proud of our reputation for good startups, low costs, and happy customers.

Portland Sawmill Clinic, March 20-22.  NBE Booth 1057

This year, NBE will be demonstrating the Combined Supervisor.  One NBE Supervisor computer will be simultaneously displaying the operation of a Log, Cant, Board and Trimmer Optimizer.  Have you noticed that most modern computer rooms have a bunch of computer monitors, none of which are being watched?  We think one Combined Supervisor computer in the computer room, one in the QC office, one in the Electrical Shop and one in the Production Office is much more useful than 4 unused ones in the computer room.

Also, we will have our L51 line laser scan heads in a Log or Cant scanner configuration and a Board scanner configuration.  If time permits, we will also demonstrate the use of L51 scan heads for QC verification (The Enforcer).

Many of NBE’s Associates will be there, including Jeff Ralph and Robin Mathews (PLC controls), Gerhard Mueller (Machinery), Wayne Ransier and Leif Hauge (Optimization) and Robert Cecil (Scanning and Optimization).

Hope we get to see you there,
                                                                 Rod Nelson