See us in the Timberline Erectors Booth 1606
Portland Sawmill Clinic       March 24-26, 1999

NBE was so busy last year, that I did not have time to develop any new scanners.  So I skipped getting a booth at the Portland Show.  Timberline Erectors has been kind enough to let me call their booth home.  I will be at the show all three days, so if you want to get in touch with me, try booth 1606 or call my cell phone:  360-481-1980.

Last year NBE did too much:

        Trimmer Optimizer with Dynavision M24 heads
        Edger Optimizer with M24 heads
        Two McGehee Log Processors with NBE profiling heads
        50 profiling heads for other companies.
        Linear Edger upgrade (this makes #10)
        Curved Gang upgrade

This year does not look so busy, so I hope to have time to retool myself.  Here are some ideas:

        Finally put a GUI front end on my optimizers.
        Make scan heads accessible via web browsers.
        Add autorotation to log optimizer.
        Find someone that will let me slew band mills on a sharp chain.
        Simple log rotation scanner for single length systems.
        Log Bucking optimizer.
        Smart Unscrambler Scanner.

Since new ideas never make money, I hope to get enough log processor, board edger and board trimmer projects to help make the payments for my new boat.

If you get on the web, have a look at the board edger we did with GME and PIC:

Thanks for the good year, I hope to see you in Portland,

                    Rod Nelson