The Real Resume of Rod Nelson


With his M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Rod was released into the Real World in 1972.  In 10 years he managed to bring both Westinghouse and Boeing to their knees.  In 1983, he then turned his sights on the sawmill equipment industry.  In the next 10 years he made several major vendors into minor vendors and crippled the others making them easy targets for acquisition.  Have burnt every bridge behind him, Rod had to start his own company in 1992.  Probably due to his multiple personality disorder, he named it Nelson Bros. Engineering.  Through shear luck, NBE has managed to install over 25 edger optimizer, 5 cant optimizers, 6 log optimizers and 2 trimmer optimizers.  Mr Nelson takes credit for any of these installations that can be termed a success.  The less successful installations are attributed to one of his many brothers.