Sawmill Case Histories 


After 2 days at the the Vancouver Trade Show, Scott Bye of McGehee Machine climbs back into his comfort zone.   "Two days without any sawdust or hydraulic fluid on my clothes,,,  I was just started to shake all over".

 Rory and Terry try to coax Scott out.

"Just let me out when it gets to the mill."

CASE #2:  KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid

Lloyd at Riverside, Soda Creek, wonders if he will ever go hunting again.
"I thought Wonderware was going to make my job easier.  But, now it takes
three people to start the lug loader."

Case #3  Mill has the last Word

Wayne Hagen at Plum Creek introduced Startup Team of Rod Nelson and Jeff Ralph to Fred the Mill Alligator.  The Startup Effort was rejuvinated.

Case #4  The Laws of Physics

After Ron McGehee developed the Wiggle Box, Curved Gang and the Robo-Edger, a doubtful competitor said that even Mr. McGehee had to abide by the the Laws of Physics.  Ron's response was that the Laws of Physics only applied to those less creative.

Case #5  How to make a Small Fortune in the Sawmill Industry

(answer at bottom of page)

After several successful years in the automotive industry, Perceptron buys into the sawmill industry by acquiring Trident and Nanoose in 1996.  Over the next 3 years the price dropped from $35 to $4.  In 2002, with their stock price below $2, Perceptron sells the forest products division.

Not to be out done,  CAE cleverly sold off sawmill interests to COE in 1992.  Obviously forgetting why they wanted out of the sawmill industry, CAE buys Newnes and McGehee in 1998 for over $80M.  In 2002, CAE recalls why they sold out in 1992, but this time no one is buying at $50M.

How to make a small fortune in the sawmill industry?  Answer:   Start with a large fortune.

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