NBE’s Third Trimmer with the JS-20 Scanner Starts in March 2006.


The latest trimmer optimizer by Nelson Bros Engineering uses the JoeScan JS-20 scan heads.


It has a lot of advantages:



And it does not cost too much more than the "other guys".  Just kidding, it costs same as some, less then others.


The photo below shows the scan head arrangement.  The laser projects out of the small window in the scan head and the camera views the laser line on the board through the large window.




The decks above the bottom heads are plated in, so debris cannot fall onto the scan heads.  Also the angle of the scan head windows is 60 degrees, so any debris would tend to slide off.





Full data coverage.  This scanner shows all board surfaces, the chains, the lugs and if you put your hand in there it will get it also.



The resulting solutions may look the same, but with wane profiles on 1/2" intervals and the real end contour data, you will finally be able to take advantage of an infinitely variable fence.



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