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NBE has done lineally scanned, curve following Cant Optimizers.  In a previous life, Rod Nelson had also done cant optimizers for transverse systems with positioning tables.

To limit repetition of the NBE philosophy and humor, you should review the the  NBE Board Edger Optimizer, before reading the following.


There are two basic methods of scanning boards.  One is the Transverse Scanner where the cant travels laterally thru a scanner that spans the length and thickness of the cant.  Two is the Lineal Scanner, where the board travels lineally thru a scanner that spans the width and thickness of the board.

The lineal scanner is significantly better than the transverse scanner for cants.  Lineal scan heads view from the sides thus a majority of their measurement come from the area of most interest.  Transverse scanners measure from above, thus most of their data is on top the sawn surface, and just when it gets interesting (on the steep sides) they quit getting data.

Again, refer to NBE Board Edger Optimizer for more complete comparison.


Cant Optimizer....  Sounds like an Oxymoron.  Someone once suggested that if it can't optimize, we should call it a pessimizer.  Anyway, if you buy an NBE system you can get it without the bad humor option.

Like board edgers, to select a cant optimizer, you need to address the following:

  1. Does it do what I want?
  2. Can it be maintained?
  3. Does it have the best Return on Investment?


1.  Does it do what I want?  The NBE cant optimizer has the following capabilities:


Like any vendor, we can do anything, but you should know what exists and what is new.  Then, keep in mind that new tends to be a bad word.

The following block diagram is for a lineal board edger, but the the same diagram works for lineal cant optimizers and lineal log optimizers.  The systems are truely identical.  The optimizer computer is networked to the scan heads and to the supervisor's switching hub.  The switching hub allows multiple monitor computers to display the optimizer solutions or get reports without any burden on the optimizer's network.

Click for full image.


The most important display is the solution screen shown below.  It gives a graphical display of the solution in real-time, plus some production and decision text.   This screen is displayed on the optimizer, supervisor and any monitor computers.  The optimizer's monitor is normally positioned within the operator's view.

The NBE's Optimizer Solution Screen, 2001.


Now we are ready for the second major requirement.

2. Can it be maintained?  This discussion is the same as in the NBE Board Edger Optimizer.

3.  Does it have the best Return on Investment?

Again, this discussion is the same as in the NBE Board Edger Optimizer.

Conclusion,  Buy NBE.



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