Who is Nelson Bros Engineering?

Nelson Bros Engineering has been making scanners and optimizers since 1992.  Our goal is to make systems that are SIMPLE, thus SIMPLY BETTER.  Prior to starting NBE, Rod Nelson worked for many of the Big Vendors.  During that time he learned a lot about Scanning and Optimization, but also about the problems that plagued the Big Vendors:


At NBE, we focus on the Equipment Startup.  A short & sweet Startup is better than sex!    Well, that may not be true, but a good Startup gives you time away from the job to see if sex is better.  It is certainly better than getting screwed by a bad startup.

Good Startups sell your next system, Good Startups cost less, Good Startups are actually enjoyable.

Our best startups have been the scanner / optimizer / controls upgrade.  These have all been weekend startups, plus the mill can usually see the improvement in overall mill recovery during the first week.  It can't get better than that.

For new equipment, startups are more involved, thus entail more risk.  Our best startups of new equipment are usually the result of the following:


Maybe its luck, maybe its skill, but by the end of 2005 we have a pretty amazing record:


Check out our Customer List.  We will have 140 systems installed by the end of 2010.  The future looks bright.

NBE has become that innovative group that people go to when they want to do a “First of a kind” system or when they just want to have any easy startup.




If the customer doesn't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.  This is obviously a 1999 picture.  I am much more handsome now.




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